Welcome to the heart of our business!

Conscience, handcraft and efficiency mixed with the latest technology

Our factory is based on a workforce of 300 dedicated employees and includes some of the most experienced craftsmen in the region.


Wherever possible we support their skills with innovative technologies to improve quality and to perform all kinds of upholstery technics.




The combination of our own production site and the best of selected suppliers enables us to handle every request fast, flexible and at the right price.


And our capacity is huge. Every week 20-25 trucks leave the factory and every month we transform 50.000 meters of fabric and 10.000 square meters of leather into thousands of pieces of quality furniture.

Efficiency and green ambitions

Efficiency and green ambitions

We pay great attention on minimizing our negative impact on the environment. As a result we have been ISO 14001 certified since 2011.

To plan our production in the most efficient way we use special software. For leather we also use an automatic cutter to achieve the lowest possible waste factor. Furthermore, we continuously improve the construction to make sure that our products can serve our customers for many years to come.

Our people – the foundation of our success

Our people – the foundation of our success

Our employees are our pride and joy and constitute the highest value of the company. Therefore, a lot of attention is paid to create a good workplace.

We continuously work to create an attractive working environment with development possibilities for all workers.

Among other things, this is why we constantly correct the ergonomics of our employees’ working conditions. Our upholsterers have their own work station with height adjustable tables, can transport the furniture on wagons and use cranes to handle the textiles.

We also provide them with a fully air-conditioned workplace and have introduced waterbased glue to minimize the use of harmful chemicals. Our employees are also secured in case of absence due to sickness and can get support from a special social fund if they are facing a crisis.